Voice Over Training

Voice Over Training

Voice Over Artists or VOAs have great career opportunities these days. However, it is not so easy to become a professional VOA as it requires a lot of training and teaching like voice culture & training, voice acting & diction and voice emphasis & expressions. We at C-Sharp Studio teach our learners not just Voice Modulation & Pronunciation but also various Techniques of Dubbing so that they end up getting lots of offers for their skills.

C-Sharp Studio Voice Over Training

Since we have been in the industry for quite some time, we have developed required skills and experience to deliver the finest Voice Over training to learners. There is definitely a huge advantage when you enroll with us for gaining professionalism in voice over. With us you get the following:

  • Principal Industry Experience in VO Skills: Since we have in-depth industry knowledge and diverse experience in delivering professional voice over training, learners receive comprehensive approach in learning the art.
  • Practical Experience on coaching VOAs: Over the years we have trained hundreds of VOAs at our studio setup who have all benefited a lot from the available infrastructure. We contribute in their learning through our practical and in-studio learning modules.
  • Post-Training Placement Opportunities: We not just train learners but also help them gain employment once their courses are over and for that we have ‘Talent Bank’. We generate leads for our students to get freelance and ongoing client assignments for voice over.
  • Comprehensive Voice Over Training

    Our course is meant to deliver the required voice over training to students so that they have a wide range of employment opportunities. Our course includes:

  • Voice-Over & Dubbing for TV Documentaries, Radio/TV commercials or advertisements, Corporate films
  • Comprehensive Coverage of Voice Over Skill Development, Dubbing, Voice Over and voice modulation
  • Introduction to Pronunciation and diction as well as Scale & Pitch of Voice
  • Developing Stamina Command, Rhythm & Fluency for better output
  • Presentation & Speech Development as well as Improvisation of dialect language & creation of voice
  • Trimming of Voice containing Depth, Jingling, Elasticity, Crackling, Bass, Dignity, etc.