High-end Transcription Services in India

With over a decade’s experience in offering professional transcription services, we at C-Sharp are the first choice among the clients. Our specialization has all along been on transcription services of audio sound files and video formats in all formats. In fact, our teams of professionals help you transcribe from mini tapes to micro cassettes and even standard audio tape transcription.

There is some misconception about transcription i.e. it’s a typing job listening to an audio; however, it is not limited to typing. In fact, a transcriber has to understand the content and context to make a profound and meaningful transcription comprehensible for the average user.

Transcription services in Mumbai, Pune

Based in Pune, quite close to Mumbai, C-Sharp is a professional transcription provider in India and catered hundreds of clients over one decades of time since inception. Whether it is interviews, telephone conversation, webcasts, podcasts, we do transcription for a range of requirements with the help of talented and trained professionals.

If you are looking for professional transcription services to transcribe correspondence material, lectures, forums, seminars, meetings, speeches, focus groups, manuscripts, etc. we are the one-stop solution providers.

Services That Need Research

Transcription loses seam when it is done mechanically. There are tools that can transcribe for you; however, meaning is lost to great extent when it is either done by tools or in hurry. With C-Sharp you can stay assured about humane transcription i.e. meaning and essence is not lost on the way. Our transcribers give ample time on listening to the audio before transcribing it.

Not just meaning of the audio content but also names, places, keywords, etc. should not me messed while transcription – we pay huge attention to manage all these issues with the help of experienced transcribers.

Hire Professional

Transcription is not a job to be done in hurry; instead, lots of attention should be paid to identify the meaning, the purpose and the end goal of the entire audio of any sort. Once transcription is done it should be proofread well by a senior and experienced proofreader. At C-Sharp Recording Studio we are determined to deliver professional transcription services to our clients, paying immense attention to details.

We work closely with our clients and convey the difficulties when audio is not of good quality or something is not audible to us – this ensures a seamless transcription of the entire content.