Subtitling Services – Make Your Content Available for Wide Audience

To reach to a wide audience that does not understand the language that your video film whether a feature film or a documentary, you either get it dubbed or release with subtitles. We at C-Sharp have been delivering extremely professional subtitling services to our clients working in entertainment and educational instructional segment of the industry.

Subtitling has a major issue i.e. it often does not tell the essence of the scene or the dialogue when done unprofessionally. Therefore, it is quite necessary for you to understand the importance of professional subtitling by language experts who can bring the essence and meaning in the entire narrative.

Professional Subtitling services in Mumbai, Pune India

Being in the industry for over a decade now, C Sharp Recording Studio brings you professional subtitling services and helps you sell your content to new regions where the language you made your film is not spoken. Most often than not when you are showing a corporate film and some of your clients, customers, employees are not proficient in the language, they need subtitles; it makes them understand the content well.

It is quite evident; it is your job to complete the communication where there are gaps. Subtitling whether done for the same language that video is in, or in other languages to make the audience understand, is quite essential.

We are operating from the city of Pune which is quite close to Mumbai, the hub for corporate world, entertainment industry and finances. Thus, located at strategically important place, we have lots of advantages in terms of talented professionals working with us and also lots of infrastructural needed for the work. Our subtitling services have met the requirements from hundreds of clients in India & abroad.

Our fundamental goal is help you your good works whether they are TV programs, advertisements and movies receive wide audience. Though people watch your video, at times they also need text below to understand what you really wanted to convey – here comes the role of subtitling.

Why C Sharp Recording Studio

With our subtitling services you video also displays the conversations in every scene in written form when that scene is happening; thus, it helps the audience that does not know the language it is made in. In the era of globalization when you want to sell your content globally, we offer you subtitling in many of the global languages like English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, etc. amongst others.

We also offer subtitling services in our regional languages since India has more than 20 languages that are spoken by millions of people. Our trained and experienced professionals prepare subtitle text, add timing cues, review subtitles against video and audio for perfect timing.