Professional Courses

In reasonable fees we conduct interactive courses to educate those who wish to pursue their career in ‘Audio-Visual Industry’. We create Confident Professionals here!

Sound Engineering :

We teach ‘Sound Engineering ’ – a vast subject , through practical based assignments. Handling audio projects, sound mixing and editing, sound designing and the science behind the acoustic etc. is thought here in a highly technical way.

Voice Over Training :

Many Voice-artists have strong potentials to make career as ‘Voice Over Artist’ but they lack proper professional skills to handle professional audio assignments. We train their voice in all aspects to cope up with industry standards.This can be a good option of career with high prospects.

Music Composing :

Here you will learn all the important tools and techniques that will help you to create heavenly music with arrangement and composition. Training is given for the ‘Good Ear’ development which is necessary for ‘Music Composing’. Learn to structure original piece of music, suitable for various situations. Here you will get a chance to improvise the audio projects as well.

Video Editing :

Video editing has vital importance in Post Production process. Learn latest editing software like ‘Final Cut Pro’ and ‘Adobe Premier’ to start your own editing set-up. You will find new scope and interesting challenges in editing field. Here you will get trained to edit videos of live projects.

Join the professional courses to turn your passion into profession!