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Professional Voice Over Services in India

For a decade, our voice over services to hundreds of satisfied clients is a testimony to our work and ethics. Ever since our voice over & dubbing services came to existence, we have assured our clients receive professional services to reach to their targeted audience. Whether it is ad for a product, a documentary, a corporate presentation, it must be done professionally with the help of trained and talented voice over artist to leave a lasting impression.

“The Human Voice is the most perfect instrument of all” –Arvo Pärt

Following what Arvo Part, the most acclaimed contemporary classical composers Arvo Pärt said about voice, C Sharp Recording Studio firmly believes in hiring the most talented Voice Over Artists or VOA. The pool of talented VOAs working with us can paint with their tongue and leave a lasting impression among the audience with their voice.

Robust Infrastructure & Setup for Voice Over Services

We at C Sharp Recording Studio have all the latest Microphones, Headphones, Microphone stands, Shock Mount, Acoustic Treatment equipment to offer thoroughly professional voice over & dubbing services for our clients in several languages. As the quality of microphone determines the impact of voice, Shock Mount reduces unwanted vibrations and rumbling for clear voice. Similarly, whereas Pop filters defuse sound pops & hiss, Acoustic Treatment makes the voice clear and impactful for any documentary, presentation or instruction.

History of films, TV serials, documentaries tell Voice over & dubbing play vital role in their success. Harish Bhimani’s voice over as narrator ‘Samay’ played important role in Mahabharat’s success. A commanding and impactful voice can help businesses and their products a success story. Our professional voice over & dubbing services will definitely help organizations leave a lasting impression for their products among users.

Voice over & dubbing services

Since 2010, C Sharp Recording Studio has been delivering voice over services to clients to meet their specific requirements by custom tailoring. We are extremely flexible to meet your project needs whether it is ad film, a documentary or a presentation for your company/organization. For any success story in branding through ad film or presentation film, our effort is always on comprehensive research, rapport with our clients & talented voice over artists.

Services of C-Sharp Studio

Voice Over

For success in communication and branding through excellent narrative, your ad film, audio-visual presentation should have impactful voice over. With talented VOAs, C-Sharp assures its clients they receive voice over in several languages.


We are expert not just on voice over services but equally in Transcription Services with our talented professionals and updated latest equipment we own. We convert speech live or recorded into a written or electronic text document and

Language Training

When you are a polyglot, you have higher employment opportunities and here are our Language Training services where train you to master Indian and several foreign languages.


Linguistic fluidity i.e. serving your content in multiple languages is a norm today. Thus, when you make a film, documentary, ad film in one language but feel a requirement to dub in


Being a professional video caption services providers we bring you cost-effectiveness, turnaround time, quality as well as ease when you hire us for your TV broadcast, webcast, film, video, CD-ROM, DVD, live event, etc.


Since we have language experts on Indian languages and foreign languages it comes easy for us to offer you subtitling services in multiple languages.

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Great place. Fully equipped with all recent technology.

Paritosh Kshirsagar

Very good recording studio, I am working with this studio from last year and they have always delivered the best output.


Extremely cooperative people. Always exhibit nice team work. Always stick to their commitment. Good organization to work with.

Bhalchandra Gholkar

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